Two more

Here are the next two pieces that I’m going to do for the portfolio. This first one is just a general fantasy piece (not tied in with any specific story). I’m currently referring to it as the gryphon piece. I had originally wanted to put the gryphon as the focus of the piece and have the girl facing-off with the monster. But, thanks to some suggestions (thanks Jay!) I turned the layout around 18o degrees and took the view from just below the gryphon.

gryphon sketch

This layout works better for me. Though it does put the subject directly in the center of the composition, I like how the gryphon frames her.

The final piece is going to be for Jack the Giant Killer. Several months ago, my girls and I were reading fairy tales and opted to read Jack the Giant Killer. Well, the version we chose was long and not very interesting. As a result, we decided to re-work the story. I sketched out some fun stuff and ended up with a story that I hope to continue to work through. But for the moment, here’s just one scene. Jack is triumphant after capturing one giant with nothing but some cheese on a stick!

sketch for Jack the Giant Killer

In the finished piece, I hope to push the pose that Jack has a bit more to make him more proud. Something along the lines of this watercolor sketch that I did when I was first playing around with the story.

color sketch for Jack the Giant Killer

2 thoughts on “Two more

  1. definitely like both of these. The griffin one is very strong (I have some great reference for raptor feet if you want it). I also really like Jack the Giant killer. You’re right, it’s a great look to have him standing on the felled giant holding only some cheese on a pole. It immediately makes you want to know what happened. Nice work.

  2. I really like the gryphon picture. I like how the gryphon frames her also. I like the guy running in the background… typical. 😉

    I also like Jack the Giant Killer… I think you could make the picture even more interesting or even comical, by having the giant transfigured or maybe even hypnotized by the cheese on the stick… or perhaps grabbing at it like a cat? Just an idea. Great job! Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

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