One of them cool drawer guys

What always amazes me is just how many fantastic artists are out there. I find myself wondering, “How do I get to be one of them cool drawer guys?!” Well, that may just end up being the whole point of this blog. It’s my journey from being “that guy who’s always doodling” to one of them “cool drawer guys!”

The question (as always) is how do I go about making that transition? About 6 months ago, I came to the realization that with a little bit of work, I could move from the graphic design field (my current employ) over to producing images full time for a living. With my goal in sight, I began 2010 by painting every single day. Yep, I had to put brush to paper (watercolors) every single day. Admittedly, some days there wasn’t very much paint on the paper before I stumbled off to bed. But still, I’m already seeing improvement.

Step 2: draw lots! I’ve been having a bit more trouble with this one. For several weeks, I woke up early to try and get in an hour of drawing. Lately, it’s been more like 15-30 minutes. A fellow artist recommended drawing first thing in the morning to get your creative juices flowing. I’ve been using that time to review some anatomy rules, but I may have to step back from that a little and do the same thing that I’ve been doing with my painting – just draw what I feel like. Just get the pencil in hand and get it moving. That would at least help me keep up the habit of drawing regularly. When I’ve reestablished my pattern of drawing consistently, then I’ll pick the old anatomy books again.

That just leaves “Step 3”. For I’ll review my plans for step 3 in a couple of days when I get them pinned down a little.

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