Randomly Red poster series


Red is a color that means a lot of things, depending on the context. This series of nine posters were designed to explore how type and context could add meaning to a single color. I used a single word for each. The end result gave some that were obvious, some that were abstract, and a few that were short stories within themselves.

The first challenge was to explore what the color red even meant to me. I dug through images, stories, poems, my refrigerator and jokes to get some idea. There were some ideas that stuck. Those were the ones that were mocked up for the poster series.


The next step was determining what typefaces worked best for each concept and, how I should build each one. Some simply needed time to rot or wrinkle. Some required lengthy set up and one required a pint of Halloween vampire blood. Who knew that it came in pints?

The posters themselves were printed on Epson premium presentation paper and housed in a hand-made case.

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