Deli Bean website


On the quiet main street of a small Wisconsin town, underneath a green awning, sits a very unassuming café. Inside, it is filled with all of the knick knacks and detritus of Rockwellian America. Small watering cans festoon the shelves and paintings of old barns adorn the walls. There is always coffee brewing and on slow mornings, the proprietor can be talkative.

This could be any café. But then, you order a cup of his specially blended coffee, a slice of the homemade pie, a slice of warm quiche. Or, if you are lucky, you unwittingly ask for one of the blueberry scones. “Do you want that warmed up?” they ask. “Sure,” is all you can think to say as you find a spot to sit down and watch people passing by outside.


Your scone is brought to you along with your cup of coffee and you casually take a sip and a small bite of the scone. Instantly, your body, which was unconsciously tightened up in preparation for a long day, relaxes. Your heart beat slows. Your whole demeanor softens and you mind pauses. Your eyes, slowly realizing that something is going on, drift down toward the food you had just consumed. There, on your table, is not food. There on your table sits comfort. And suddenly, you realize that it is going to be a very good day.

This is the experience of many at the Deli Bean café. But, by looking at their website, you’d never know it. The bane of so many small businesses is the poorly designed website. Too much text, poorly organized information and a never-ending supply of badly lit photographs. This had to change. The Deli Bean deserved better!